The Prototype Milestone

We’re nearing the completion of the prototype milestone for It’s Mine!

It’s been a wild ride so far.

My task for today is to scope out the remaining work for the prototype, and then work on it today and tomorrow. I am hoping I have done enough work to have the prototype done by tomorrow evening.

13:23 CEST

I am scoping out the remaining issues in the milestone I linked above. I’ve been struggling with focus this week. The best way I’ve found to stay on task is to first look ahead and list out what needs to be done. I keep it specific enough to be a singular feature without actually writing out the logic to do it myself.

There we go. I know have a good idea of everything I will need to get the prototype finished.

Let’s start with this.

Time to bust out the calculator!

17792 is the magic number for 64 of each ore.

Sidenote, I found a new plugin for VSCode which is working nicely.

See the preview at the end of the line? Sweet./

2021-06-20 Update: I imagined this would have been finished by now, but something strange happened last year.