This is some stuff you could know about me.

I am a game designer living in Stockholm, Sweden.

I grew up in New Brunswick, Canada. It kind of looks like this.

Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

Moncton is next to the Petitcodiac River. Surfers have used this river go on 29 kilometer rides. Moncton is also known as Hub City, as we’re at the center of the Maritimes.

I work at Mojang.

I helped launch the Minecraft Marketplace, which has enabled many hobbyists to transition their passion to a full-time careers. It’s been quite successful.

Stockholm is nice. It looks like this.

Stockholm, Sweden

Here’s where you can read more about the cool things I’ve created or worked on.

Modular Combat

A mod for Half-Life 2. Modular Combat a role-playing game in an arena deathmatch setting. Monsters and players would spawn around the arena and hunt each other.

Players had a wide selection of skills they could mix and match. A player could choose Spawn Sentry, Lasers, and Spawn Ant Lion and camp it up in a corner. They could choose Teleport, Vampirism, and Cloak and go hunting. It was a good deal of fun and chaos.

I left the project in 2008. It would later go onto release on Steam Greenlight. If you decide to check it out, know that it’s a slog through the first levels, and the UI is a bit…confusing and awful. At least it worked!

“Winston ignites his Jetpack module. Jetpack received an overhaul in the v1.72 update – making it far easier to hover and move while using it.”

Modular Combat screenshot from May 18, 2009

This mod was based on Project Vortex, a Quake 2 mod I played for nearly a decade when I was a child. It was important to me to take inspiration from that mod and create something original for the Half-Life universe.

There was a good deal of RPG elements in this mod. Players fought hard to gain levels and 2 skill points which they could distribute any way they pleased.

Players got very powerful quickly, and began interacting in very unexpected ways. It was frequent that a player would find an unbeatable strategy and go on a kill streak. That is, until something found the next unbeatable strategy.

Calamity by Moesh

Calamity is a custom game made for Minecraft. Players face off in a u-shaped arena. They must travel to the end of their lane, cross the crosslane, and make their way to the enemy’s bastion to capture and hold their control point for 90 seconds.

I wouldn’t be where I am now if it were not for this project, and Groundfox. Groundfox is a group of Minecraft players who frequently recorded let play’s. They helped test it every night!

Limited Engagement

This was a podcast I hosted with neonerZ and nickflame20 (who are now running Pathway Studios), MaxSizeIs, and Panguino. We ran a weekly liveshow on Sunday, and then posted up the episode the following day.

We covered a variety of topics: Minecraft news, map making releases, features, and then had our main discussion topic.

Episode header image

The Genius Machine

This project marks the beginning of my work with The Voxel Box. This work would continue through to 100 Ways to Die. This map featured actor scripting using only command blocks and repeaters.

We pulled this project together over the course of 72 hours. It was meant to show off new command block technology and how it could be used to tell interesting stories or create drama.

This project was a collaboration between Kupo, Featherblade and myself.

OMGChad spotlights this project by playing through it all.

The Muk-Luk Lodge

The Muk-Luk Lodge is a multiplayer experience. The players are put in a sledding resort island and given some light story, minigames, and a basic economy system.

This was a project we pulled together over three months. Well, the build and models were done in about a week. The mechanical design of command blocks was done in about three months.

This project has a lot of great little details. Like getting locked in a freezer and freezing to death. Emeralds (the currency) would refresh in all locations each morning, leading to a race across the server to get the most currency to buy sick sleds. Sleds go could off sick jumps and a guitar riff would play.

Here’s a video of Aureylian and CaptainSparlez playing it:


This is a recreation of a painting (The Grand Canal from the Campo San Vio by Canaletto) in Minecraft. This was designed for the Brooks Museum in Memphis.

I oversaw NPC and quest scripting with a few other mechanics.

100 Ways to Die

This was a bi-weekly popular game show hosted by Ssundee and MrCrainer. Each couple of weeks, we’d deliver 10 new minigames for them play their trivia games on. It was a hell of a lot of fun to work on.

A shot of the short-lived season two set.

Anything else?

Well, since I was picked up by Mojang, I’ve been laying pretty low. Now that it’s 2020, and I have the “new and perfect” hindsight…I’ve got some stuff cooking up.

Dinner Party Games

Dinner Party Games started as a home for my projects and collaborations with others. Now we are in pre-production on our first game. We host a monthly indie games club, and a fairly health Sea of Thieves crew.

Stay tuned for more info!